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The American Patriot Fest 2016 – LIT50’s Automotive

Lost In The 50’s Automotive and The American Patriot Fest 2015 Lost In The 50’s Automotive and Hot Rod Fifties Automotive Shop participated in the American Patriot Fest 2016.  We were their yesterday (May 21st) and today showing our support for both our active duty servicemen as well as the brave Veterans that fought for… Read more »

Lost In The 50’s Automotive & Hellkat Racers at Hard Rock

Rocking Out at the Hard Rock Las Vegas, Nevada – Hellkat Racers Car Show 2016 Lost In The 50’s Automotive and Hellkat Racers CC were down out at the Hard Rock of Las Vegas on Friday April 22nd for one of the most stylish car shows in town. Attendees were able rich and vibrant vehicles… Read more »

Pass A Smog Check

It is that time of year again. You need to renew your registration. Nevada requires smog checks at time of registration or renewal. A smog check is a test done on the exhaust system of a motor vehicle to determine how many pollutants the vehicle is emitting. It can also tell what type of pollutants… Read more »

Have Radiator Problems?

Having your radiator inspected regularly is a good idea. Your cooling system should be inspected every time your oil is changed. It needs to be flushed every 2 to 3 years as well.  A functioning radiator is essential to keep your vehicle from overheating. It is a huge part of a vehicle’s cooling system. It… Read more »

Those Happy Days Car Show

Those Happy Days Car Show is brought to us by Team UMC. Those Happy Days Car Show is taking place Saturday, April 30, at the Children’s Hospital of Nevada at UMC. The show will showcase classic cars from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and more. The Children’s Hospital address is 800 Hope Place, Las Vegas, NV,… Read more »

Check Engine Light?

You are driving down the road, and your “check engine” light comes on. Don’t panic. As soon as you get a chance head in to Lost in the 50s Automotive. Don’t ignore this warning. You don’t want to cause more damage. Nobody likes to see their check engine light to come on. The check engine… Read more »