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No matter what type of vehicle you happen to drive, whether it be classic or not, the manufacturer has prescribed a regular maintenance scheduled to keep your car running at its best. This is typically called a factory scheduled maintenance, or 30/60/90K maintenance. Many drivers see this maintenance schedule as optional, however, this schedule is simply not a ploy to get you to spend more money. It is important for the overall health of your vehicle and to avoid costly and avoidable auto repairs.

90K Mile Maintenance Provided by Lost in the 50s

Typically, the first step of any 30/60/90K maintenance is to inspect the vehicle’s major systems for signs of problems, followed by any of the following maintenance procedures as needed:

  • Replacing spark plugs and/or plug wires
  • Replacing filters
  • Checking fluids (brake, coolant, transmission, etc.) and topping off or replacing fluids
  • Tire rotation and pressure check
  • Oil change
  • Timing belt inspection
  • Brake servicing

During this maintenance, a Lost in the 50s expert technician will notify you of any potential problems, but won’t replace the parts that don’t need replacing (part of what is going to save you money in maintenance). As a rule of thumb, the higher the mileage on the car, the more likely parts will need to be replaced. (The timing belt is usually changed around 90K-120K, miles for example).
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