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Keeping Your Car Cool!

The summer months in Las Vegas seem to grow longer each and every year, and your automobile’s air conditioner is put to the test. Often times a little preventative maintenance will ensure that you are getting ice cold air blowing through your vehicle’s vents the entire season.

While most newer vehicles may simply be able to get away with having their A/C recharged, older cars and trucks may require a little extra attention.

Why Choose Lost in the 50s for Your A/C?

A properly tuned A/C system can help to increase your gas mileage as well as keep your indoor air cabin cool and comfortable.

Our shop understands the importance of having a cool car in the desert heat. That is why when you schedule an A/C inspection and repair at Lost in the 50s, our experienced and knowledgeable technicians take their time inspecting your cooling system to ensure that your air conditioner is working in the best shape when you leave our shop.