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A catalytic coverter is a vehicle emissions control device that converts toxic pollutants in exhaust gas to less toxic pollutants by catalyzing a redox reaction. Catalytic converters are used with internal combustion engines fueled by either petrol (gasoline) or diesel – including lean-burn engines.

Why Choose Lost in the 50s for Your Catalytic Converter?

Exhausts are critical part of your vehicle’s engine. Outdated or broken exhaust systems can cause loud noises, waste gas and cause harmful emissions. Whether you are looking to repair or replace your catalytic converter, Lost in the 50s can help.

The catalytic converter is the most costly part of your exhaust system. If you catalytic converter begins to fail, you will hear loud sounds. A failing catalytic converter sounds like someone shaking a metal box filled with pennies while your car is in idle. You may also notice your check engine light is illuminated.

Contact Lost in the 50s today to find out if your exhaust problem is your catalytic converter and to get it repaired quickly.