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Full restorations typically can consist of a varied of ways to restore your vehicle depending upon your budget and the needs of your vehicle. Lost in the 5os can help you decide which avenue would be best for your and the outcome that you are looking for in your vehicle. Options for you to keep in mind while making this decision are:

  • Do you want your vehicle completely or partially disassembled?
  • Do you want to leave your vehicle on the frame or take it off of the frame?
    • Why Should You Choose Lost in the 50s for Your Full Restoration?

      We do full restorations for all vehicles of any age. We will discuss any rebuilding your would like to do. We can discuss all of the critical components on your vehicle. At this time, we will discuss any upgrades that the owner may want to do to make the ride better but still look original. During the build process if any issue will arise all work will cease until we meet to discuss the situation and make a decision.

      Contact us today about starting your full restoration and to make your classic car the car of your dreams.