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The 30,000 mile (30K) maintenance service is critical in keeping your new car warranty in effect. There is a normal schedule and a “severe” service schedule. Most people would think that they fall into the “normal” category. However, if you live in the desert, you fall into the “severe” service category based on our normal average temperatures.

Why Choose Lost in the 50s for Your 30K Mile Maintenance?

At Lost in the 50s we understand the importance of maintenance for your vehicle so that you can extend the life of your car for as long as possible. We pride ourselves in taking time with each vehicle to inspect and ensure that your car is in tip top shape and ready for our desert weather.

Services Included in 30K Mile Maintenance

The following is expected to be inspected at your 30K mile maintenance:

  • Replace engine oil and filter
  • Inspect and top off fluid levels, set tire pressures to correct PSI
  • Check that all exterior light bulbs are functioning
  • Rotate tires
  • Check tire condition (tread depth)
  • Brake system inspection
  • Check transfer case and differential fluids
  • Check operation of cooling system and/or indication of coolant leak
  • Complete inspection of steering and suspension components
  • Inspect condition of drive axle boots
  • Inspect ignition wires and distributor cap
  • Complete inspection of exhaust system
  • Replace air filter
  • Inspect wiper inserts/blades
  • Replace cabin air filter (if applicable)
  • Inspect fuel lines and charcoal canister
  • Reset maintenance and tire pressure warning lights
  • Road test of vehicle
    • No matter what type of vehicle you drive, preventive maintenance is key to ensuring that your vehicle stays in great shape. Lost in the 50s experienced and knowledgeable technicians will spend the time needed to make sure that your vehicle is in the best condition.
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