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The lifeline of many businesses are their fleet. The fleet is what is needed to bring your workers to job sites and in some cases are the core of the service you provide. Without a well functioning fleet the dependability and function of your work force may be in jeopardy. Don’t wait another minute, contact Lost in the 50’s Automotive to schedule your fleet services today.

Service, Maintenance, Repairs

With any fleet of cars, trucks, vans or diesel vehicles, the need of service or repair is imminent. And while it might go without saying that your fleet needs a reputable company, the choice is not as simple to make. At Lost in the 50’s Automotive we make that choice much easier.

A fleet manager is assigned to oversee your fleet, making sure that schedule maintenance causes the least amount of inconvenience possible while making certain that repairs and services are performed quickly and properly. Keeping your fleet on the road longer and at the least cost to you, the business owner.

Lost in the 50s understands that time is money, especially when your money is depending on the upkeep and maintenance of a fleet of vehicles.

Why Choose Lost in the 50s for Your Fleet Service?

Every vehicle, every service, every repair along the way, Lost in the 50’s Automotive is your fleet service of choice. It is part of our standard practice to routinely inspect your vehicle, and create and provide a report which is made available to every one of our fleet customers. We keep our own file on each of your fleet vehicles to apprise their owners of vehicle history and what we recommend.

Expert Las Vegas Fleet Services

With our harsh conditions here in the Las Vegas valley, we understand which repairs and services are most likely to happen. When your fleet is a fleet account with Lost in the 50’s Automotive we make sure to maintain open communications with parts suppliers to ensure that when you need a part replaced, we can get it quickly.

Fleet accounts are our top priority. Unlike passenger vehicles, your fleet keeps your company moving, and we make it our job to get you out and back on the road quickly.

We Service Passenger Vehicles Too!

Today’s high tech engine management systems require the modern-day auto technician to have a thorough working knowledge of their sophisticated components. With today’s fuel prices, maximizing your vehicle’s fuel efficiency through routine maintenance takes a whole new priority.

We strive to build the best possible relationships with all of our clients and want to meet or exceed your expectations. Contact us today and let us know what we can do for you.