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Lost in the 50s helps car enthusiasts to be able to revive that old clunker that they know could be a hot rod. We provide fully customized restorations that will make your hot rod look brand new.
Why Should You Choose Lost in the 50s for Hot Rod Restorations?

At Lost in the 50s our facility is set up to provide complete classic hot rod restoration all within one facility. We do all the restoration work in house, everything from where the tires touch the pavement and up. We don’t send any of our work off site to have it done by someone else. This allows us 100% ability to oversee quality control and ensure each classic restoration project is done to exact specification.

Each restoration project, no matter the make or model of the vehicle, they all get the same focus and attention to detail.
Contact us today to discuss your hot rod restoration and see how we can get that baby back on the road.