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Lost in the 50s is your complete auto repair shop for your classic car – that includes transmission repairs. From basic transmission services like a transmission fluid flush all the way to a complete replacement or transmission overhaul, we can handle your vehicle’s transmission problems, no matter how big or small.

Why Choose Lost in the 50s for Your Trasmission Repairs?

Our shop understands the ins and outs of a classic car and what is needed to ensure the upkeep and maintenance on such a beauty. We guarantee all of our work in writing and only repair what you authorize us to repair. We will save you money and time while providing you with expert knowledge on your classic vehicle.

Free Comprehensive Checks for Your Classic Car

We offer a simple, yet comprehensive approach to finding out what is wrong with your classic ride.

  • Check Fluid Levels – Your transmission fluid levels are crucial to the longevity of your transmission. It acts as a coolant, the hydraulic fluid or a lubricant, so it should be free of particles, clear and odorless.
  • Road Test – We conduct a through vehicle road test where we can check shift sequences, variation in operating ranges for gear selection, slipping, etc. We encourage you to accompany the driver/technician during the road test so they can explain to you what is happening with your transmission.
  • Perform an Engine Operation Test – Technicians will check for possible transmission-related problems. However if you engine is not functioning properly, it will have a definite effect on the efficiency of your transmission. Therefore, we will diagnose the problem with your classic, whether it is transmission or engine.
  • Check Axles, CV Joints, Boots and other potential factors – It may not be your transmission at all! A failing universal joint (u-joint) sounds bad and shakes the car, but its a minor part that is easily replaced. CV joint and boots can do the same, although they are bit more expensive to replace. Our expert technicians will let you know if your problem is the transmission or something else.
  • Check Transmission and Engine Mounts – A bad mount can cause the engine and transmission to move under power and change the shifting sequence of your transmission.
    Look for Leaks and Seeps – A bad seal or a loose connection could cause a loss of fluid significant enough to drop levels to a point where operation is affected. This is normally a very simple repair.
  • Inspect the Drive Shaft and Undercarriage – Moving parts can cause a problem that might sound or act like a transmission problem when actually its really not. There is where it pays to have an expert technician like the ones at Lost in the 50s for your classic vehicle.
  • Check all Linkages – Worn and damaged part can cause erratic behavior in classic cars while shifting, or even issues with computer and sequence processing.

No matter what issue you may be having with your classic car, Lost in the 50s experienced and knowledgeable technicians will find out the problem and give you the best solutions to get it fixed. Contact us today!