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Have Radiator Problems?

Having your radiator inspected regularly is a good idea.

Your cooling system should be inspected every time your oil is changed. It needs to be flushed every 2 to 3 years as well.  A functioning radiator is essential to keep your vehicle from overheating. It is a huge part of a vehicle’s cooling system. It cools the coolant, which is the substance used to absorb the heat from the engine, using water and cool air from outside the system. Flushing your vehicle’s cooling system removes old coolant and contaminates. Overtime, sludge builds up inside the radiator and the coolant becomes less effective. This inefficiency will hurt your vehicle’s engine performance and decrease your gas mileage. Driving your vehicle on old engine coolant is a leading cause of cooling system failure.

Radiator coolant check.

Radiator coolant check.

Your vehicle’s cooling system works at a high temperature. And living in the desert, it doesn’t take a lot for that high temperature to become even hotter. A vehicle over-heating is one of the most noticeable signs your radiator has failed. Your vehicle leaking is another obvious sign of this failure. The fluid leaking from your vehicle is coolant. Coolant is usually light green or light red in color with a slimy texture. Drops in your vehicle’s pressure gauge could also be a coolant system failure sign. Low coolant levels are never a good sign. Low coolant levels mean your radiator probably has a leak. Rust is also a sign of leakage. It is of the upmost importance that vehicle owners deal with broken radiators before permanent damage occurs. Lost in the 50s Automotive of Las Vegas can help with your radiator maintenance.

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