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The American Patriot Fest 2016 – LIT50’s Automotive

Lost In The 50’s Automotive and The American Patriot Fest 2015

Lost In The 50’s Automotive and Hot Rod Fifties Automotive Shop participated in the American Patriot Fest 2016.  We were their yesterday (May 21st) and today showing our support for both our active duty servicemen as well as the brave Veterans that fought for the freedom and liberty we enjoy today.


Below you’ll find information about the American Patriot Fest as well as some photos from the event. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the event. Thank you to all the attendees as well. If you didn’t get a chance to make it out this time, be sure to check back with us for the next festival.

Lost In The 50’s Automotive Participation Photos From American Patriot Fest 2016

What is the American Patriot Fest?

American Patriot Fest of Las Vegas 2016 Logo

American Patriot Fest of Las Vegas 2016 Logo

The “American Patriot Fest,” is a regional entertainment event to be held on Armed Forces Day, May 21, 2016 at Craig Ranch Regional Park. The event is free and will offer an opportunity for all to join together and celebrate our love of country and to thank the men and women of our armed forces, past  and present, which have made our freedoms possible. The event is family friendly and will have  something for everyone. It will feature non-stop music, extreme sports demonstrations, vendors, a  variety of food & beverage, military displays, motorcycle show/shine, charity poker run, kid’s zone and  special festivities for our armed forces, veterans and their families. In addition, a variety of fund raising  activity will be taking place to benefit the supporting charitable organizations. The “American Patriot  Fest” is being produced by Source One Events and Radar Entertainment Group, with the support of the  City of North Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority and major veteran  organizations. The event has strong ties to the local community but is also being marketed regionally.


Those Happy Days Car Show

Those Happy Days Car Show is brought to us by Team UMC.

Those Happy Days Car Show is taking place Saturday, April 30, at the Children’s Hospital of Nevada at UMC. The show will showcase classic cars from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and more. The Children’s Hospital address is 800 Hope Place, Las Vegas, NV, 89106.

The Children’s Hospital of Nevada at UMC is devoted to making sick and injured children healthy and well by combining compassionate, family-centered care with modern technology. They offer the highest level of care available for children in the state of Nevada. The Children’s Hospital of Nevada at UMC is the only hospital in Nevada to offer Pediatric Burn Care and Organ Transplant services. They are also the only hospital with Level II Pediatric Trauma Center and in-house Board Certified Pediatric Critical Care and Emergency Medicine Physicians as well.

UMC Children’s Hospital Happy Days Car Show Registration

There is a $25 dollar donation for car registration to benefit the Children’s Hospital of Nevada at UMC. Those Happy Days Car Show is from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. though lot opens at 8 a.m. to park, clean, and shine your ride. The show features a DJ, root-beer floats, and a raffle. Enjoy a day with the whole family! Lost in the 50s Automotive wants you to come out and show your support for this great cause.

Check Engine Light?

You are driving down the road, and your “check engine” light comes on.

Mechanic with Check Engine Diagnostic Equipmen

Mechanic with Check Engine Light Diagnostic Equipment

Don’t panic. As soon as you get a chance head in to Lost in the 50s Automotive. Don’t ignore this warning. You don’t want to cause more damage. Nobody likes to see their check engine light to come on. The check engine light is part of your vehicle’s onboard diagnostics (or OBD) system. Yes, your vehicle is monitored and sometimes controlled by computers. The computer stores a “trouble code” in its memory. Lost in the 50s Automotive technicians can pull up this trouble code when the vehicle is hooked up to the diagnostic computer. Knowing the trouble code, we are then able to fix or correct the problem. The picture may be of nothing more than a yellow picture of an engine (the International Check Engine Symbol) and maybe with the word “check” inside. Having your check engine light come on can mean several things. Your check engine light can warn you of a serious misfiring engine. Or it can suggest you of a loose gas cap. No matter how serious the problem, Lost in the 50s Automotive of Las Vegas can help.

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